Any Kind Of Creature (AU/NL) is an international cross-artform collective consisting of a musician, a dancer and a visual artist. As a collective they like working with a variety of simple materials like rope and cardboard to create their visual aesthetic. This, in combination with new media, influences their sound and choreography creation. The collective has already been celebrated for their performance style of trip de tour. This show style allows the audience to journey through usually mundane or simple spaces that have been reworked into visual and sonic playgrounds. Whether being guided or driven in wheelbarrows the audience always has time to explore their flamboyant shows.

Founded in 2014 Any Kind Of Creature has performed at major fringe and theatre festivals across the Netherlands and Belgium. They hope to bring their unique performances to Australia in 2015.

Leyla de Muynck – dancer

Leyla de Muynck is a dancer and performance artist. She grew up in a very artistic family and has been busy with creating since being a child. Her first performance in a theater was when she was only 4 years old. She has always been interested in movement and the relationship between bodies. As a child she was educated in both classical and modern dance and acrobatics.

When Leyla was 17 years old she was accepted into the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in the Modern Theater Dance department and she graduated in 2014. In this time she has been working with many contemporary choreographers like Liat Waysbort, Chris Leuenberger, Gulia Muredu, Quan Bui Ngoc, Emio Greco and Angels Margarith. Besides dancing she has a big interest in other art forms.

Visual art, films and fashion have always played a big role in her life. In 2014 she played the role of Celine in the short movie Un Creux dans mon Coeur which premiered at the Berlinale festival in Berlin in 2015. “What really interests me is how I can shape shift into another body or personality through art. I think it is not important in which form (dance, acting, visual art) this is done. I think it is important to do whatever serves the artwork. I’ve always really wanted to work with visual artists and musicians. Charlotte and Ryan felt the same and we are very happy to work together. This way we can combine our knowledge and talents and lift what we are doing to an other level.”

Ryan Williams – musician

Ryan’s passion for the recorder has lead him on a journey full of cross-artform collaboration, engaging performance and exciting improvisation. With an endeavour to collaborate with any artform, Ryan uses his vibrancy as a stage performer to engage audiences visually and sonically.

Ryan’s major performances include the production of Venus & Adonis with the Bell Shakespeare Company (Malthouse Theatre, 2008), a Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens improvisational residency (2009/10) and the production of Everybody (2012) with Snuff Puppets, Australia’s premiere giant puppet company who he has been collaborating with since 2010.


Charlotte ten Raa – visual artist

Charlotte’s main focus are the different ways we can tell stories and how to create new spaces. After graduating from the Textile Department of the art school, Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, she has made several installations and by starting to mix her two interests she naturally got drawn into theatre. She’s searching for new ways how to combine different disciplines so new art-forms will be created.

In 2010 Charlotte won the Rietveld Thesis Prize with her thesis Being Motion. After graduation she has stayed in the Artist-In-Residence, Tsarino Foundation (Bulgaria, 2012); she joined several group exhibitions (The Netherlands, 2012), she shaped and organized the Classical Music Rave (The Netherlands, 2013) and started the collaboration performance group Any Kind Of Creature (The Netherlands, 2014) together with Ryan and Leyla.